News : The exhibition is now in english version ready to travel overseas !!
The present exhibition is presented by the Association "Sur le Chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson" as a celebration of the 130th anniversary of Stevenson’s journey through the Cévennes. It is also an illustration of the Association’s drive to develop cultural activities along the trail.
Whether you work for a commune, a tourist office, a library, an association or have an interest in territorial development…



… by hosting the exhibition you can enable others to explore the ‘Strange Case’ of Robert Louis Stevenson and follow the adventures of this pioneering traveller.

Please contact us!

The exhibition is available on loan from the Association.

You only need to cover the return transport cost and insurance. See the on-line catalogue.

Tree different size:

- Poster Size (51/80cm) in french - 15 posters with sticks to hang

- Wide Size (80/120cm) in french - 15 PVC panels

- English version (80/120cm) - 15 canvas sheets with sticks to hang


The exhibition may be accompanied by a bibliography presenting the writer’s works.

See the english library and the french one.