After a day of effort, carrying a heavy load or young children, donkeys, exactly like their companions, are  appreciative of being well looked after in the evening.

The association ‘Sur le chemin de R.L. Stevenson’ and its membership of donkey rental professionals are highly attentive to the conditions in which hiking donkeys are treated and accommodated.

Accommodation professionals who are members of the Stevenson network and accept walkers with donkeys carry the following logo accueilane-transp-p showing that they undertake to respect the criteria in the Charter for hosting hiking donkeys as follows:

- Providing a protected, easy-to-access, hazard-free area of the least 50 m², located no more than one kilometre from the accomodation area,
- Providing good quality hay and barley un sufficient quantities as well as a block of salt,
- Providing clean water drinking facilities for the donkey,
- Providing a sheltered area to store donkey equipment overnight,
- Knowing the telephone numbers of nearby veteriarians.

The objective is that the donkeys can set off the next day fully refreshed.

Every year the Association offers its members a training and information day on the subject of hosting donkeys.