1878   - 22 September, the Scottish writer R.L. Stevenson set off by foot from Monastier sur Gazeille with his donkey Modestine. Twelve days, 22km and many adventures later, he arrived at Saint Jean du Gard.
1879   - Publication in London of the account of his journey: Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes.
1978   - Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Stevenson’s trip by the Club Cévenol.
1993   - The French Hiking Federation (Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre) marked out the route and it was named GR70. It also published, in collaboration with Chamina, the relief map of the trail.
1994   - Creation of the Association ‘Sur le Chemin de R.L. Stevenson’. Tourism professionals located along or near to the trail working as a network to animate the itinerary and provide a quality service.



- 120th anniversary of Stevenson’s trip: commemoration by the Association.
- Employment of a Tourism Development Agent.
- Twinning with the Robert Louis Stevenson Club in Edinburgh.

  - 1st edition of the Stevenson Festival (firstly at Pont de Montvert and then in a different commune every year)
  - 1st economic impact study relative to the Stevenson trail
2004   - 10 year anniversary of the Association. Twinning with the Stevenson committee at Etréaupont (Ain) which promotes the souvenirs of Stevenson’s Inland Voyage in 1876.
2006   - Recruitment of a second Development Agent
- 1st edition of the Stevenson Week within the framework of the Cévennes National Park’s Nature Festival
2008   - 130th anniversary of Stevenson’s trip with Modestine through the Cévennes: from April to October the Association promoted a 250km programme of culture and festivities.
- Creation of the Stevenson Exhibition, with the participation of Michel Le Bris, Stevenson specialist and creator and director of the Saint Malo ‘Etonnants Voyageurs’ festival.
2009   - Initiation of the process of application for recognition as a European Cultural Itinerary.
2010   - Production of an economic impact study to measure the income generated along the trail and to develop a better picture of the profile of hikers using the trail.
- Integration of partners to create a European network related to the writer.
- Recruitment of a third employee.
2011   - Translation into English of the web site and the exhibition "Travels with Robert Louis Stevenson".
- Introduction of a network charter.
- Initiation of studies into the potential environmental impact of hiking in the territory and also to provide an inventory of the trail's natural and cultural heritage with an endpoint of creating a tool to inform hikers.
- Cultural development: organisation of a 2nd meeting to establish a European network based on references to Robert Louis Stevenson.
- Monitoring regional and national initiatives and meetings related to the hiking theme.



- Cultural events for the general public during the 1st Stevenson Grand Trail, from 7 to 9 July.
- Consolidation of the European network with the creation of a graphic charter and the development of communications tools, presentation of the exhibition 'Travels with R.L. Stevenson' in France and abroad; preparation of the application to become a European Cultural Route and preparation of events for 2013.
- Evaluation and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage.




- Setting up of Environnmental Observatory (watching, marks, natural heritage,...)

- Writting and presentation of the European Cultural Route application file.

-  Consultation working with all town of the Stevenson trail to find a same signage system.

- Event preparation for 2014 : "20th anniversary of the Association"

20th Anniversary of the association, from 7th to 11th November: European Meeting of the European Stevenson Network, conferences, Hiking Fair, Hiking, March for Peace.
Certification "European Cultural Route" for the European Stevenson Network
Network of Hiking path: work in progress.



New prospective study of the GR®70 trail.