Within the framework of its development activities, the Association offers a range of tools to promote the trail: an exhibition, a library, teaching kits, a presentation film about the Trail.


  • The exhibition: Travels with Robert Louis Stevenson

→ illustrates the Association’s aim of developing cultural initiatives along the trail.


Texts, illustrations, photos and period documents to accompany you in the footsteps of this multi-faceted writer, from Scotland to the Samoan Islands, via France, California and the Southern Seas…

Exist in French or in English !!


The exhibition is available for loan from the Association and can be accompanied by works by the author.

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  • The Robert Louis Stevenson library


Robert Louis opens his travel chest...

Over 50 books in french available for an insight into Stevenson’s work: novels, poems, children’s albums, cartoon books, illustrated books, etc.

Teachers, associations, tourist offices, local authorities… tools are available to help with any projects related to Stevenson.

The kit and library are available for loan from the Association and can be accompanied by the exhibition materials.

In 30 books, there is also the English library !

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See the full list of books in french

See the full list of books in english

To get more information... see the Stevenson's bibliography





  • Teaching kits

There are two kits comprised of picture books, CDs, DVDs, novels… about Stevenson and his travels in the Cévennes.

They are available free of charge to teachers. For more information, please contact us.



  • Film: Along the Stevenson trail / Sur le chemin de Stevenson

Follow the trail from Puy-en-Velay to Alès... 15 minutes of magnificent images along the trail.




Promotional film published in March 2008 to mark the 130th anniversary of Stevenson's trip across the Cévennes.

Director: Raymond Achilli / Production : Ecran Cévenol


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For a DVD copy of the film, please contact us.