The Association was established in 1994 with the objective of opening access to the Stevenson trail and, along with its partners, contributing to the development of the territories it crosses with respect for natural and cultural heritage.

The key missions:

- establishing a network of professionals under the "Relais Stevenson" label (accommodation, catering, restaurants, tour operators, donkey hire, transport services, cultural sites, guides and service providers) who work along or close to the Stevenson Trail, with a view to ensuring high quality services for walkers,

- accompanying walkers in preparing their trip (provision of practical information),

- promoting the Stevenson trail (trade fairs, press conferences, documentation, web site…),

- promoting the Trail's natural and cultural heritage,

- coordinating local projects and initiatives for the development of the trail.


The network:

The Association today represents a network of over 163 professional members:

- accommodation providers / restaurant

- hiking organisers

- baggage and person transporters

- donkey hire

- Horseback riding organisers
- literary guides- cultural sites

The Association, with cooperation from a number of institutional partners, has today made the Stevenson trail one of the best known hiking routes in France and one which serves as a veritable development tool for the territories concerned.

The Friends of Stevenson

Marie-Virginie Cambriels (43000 Le Puy-en-Velay), Janet Darne (43150 Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille), Gérard Fromager (43320 Saint Vidal), Hubert Pfister (48110 Saint Martin de Lansuscle), Dominique Rozière (30270 Saint-Jean-du-Gard), Tim Stevens (43490 Masclaux), Michel Verdier (30270 Saint Jean du Gard).